Kerala Traditional Ancient Arts

Our art gallery is very old because bharatha kalai koodam is remembered as one of the traditional arts of Kerala. Team with the best teachers and the best traditional artists.


The ancient tradition is that the town where theyyam event is held is blessed by God which means God is with you. We firmly believe in these and you can trust them too.God makes the world feel like it came


We invite you to join us to enjoy the art of creating a grandeur at the festival while making this art a great group as it is a traditional art that is held for the coming of God to drive away the evil spirits in the city.


Body movements like the use of a tiger and vivid paintings painted on us will show the beauty of this art to the world. Really a pretty great traditional art We are coming to our art group Rajani’s film Ballalakka song


We treat the art of kathakali in two ways. One is to perform traditional art as a stage drama. The other is to take part in the procession disguised as Kathakali. So we are running the show according to you.

Thira Kali

The combined art of thira kali and poothan kali would be excellent. We are the best thira kali artists


Ttheyyam is an ancient traditional art gallery run by our group for many years


Take a look at the art of ottamthullal. The reason is that the traditional arts must be preserved

Famous chenda melam group

We have many different types of kalaroobangal.We can perform with 500 theyyam artists in one place We look forward to your call 9884436365.

Famous Ndhaswaram players

Ndhaswaram nagesh

Nagesh, Ndhaswaram cries for his performance to be repeated .”

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Famous percussionist

Percussionist Aravind

“Aravind , Excellent artist who plays 20 different percussion instruments ”

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Famous Theatrical actor

king faisal

“ king faisal ” The best drama actor, the teacher who trains in all kinds of drama ”


Famous Bharatanatyam dancer


“Bharatanatyam” Best Dance Teacher Bharatanatyam ”

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Famous Percussionist

Percussionist Abrock

“ Abrock ” Excellent artist who plays 'APP' percussion instruments ”

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